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Digital printing offers our customers fast, high-quality results for all kinds of projects. In comparison to traditional offset printing, digital presses make it possible to create smaller print runs, and can produce jobs with more speed. We can quickly deliver all kinds of high-quality projects for businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals and organizations with our digital printing capabilities. Thomas Group Printing serves customers locally in New York City, and nationally online, with convenient delivery and shipping options.

1. Branding

When designing flyers for print, it’s imperative that you include a color palette that is closely related to your business branding. Brand-centric design is crucial for achieving a consistent brand experience across all of your channels, leaving your potential customers more comfortable with starting a relationship with your business.

2. Important Details about your Product, Service or Event

On an all-too-frequent basis, designers focus so much on the aesthetics of their promotional flyers that they forget to include the crucial details related to their product, service or event! Clearly defining the goals of your flyer printing strategy will help to avoid leaving out important information such as location, dates, prices, offers etc.

3. Content Created for your Target Audience

Your flyer content must be in line with the personality, likes and dislikes of your target audience. This information can be ascertained through market research, and the resulting data must be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to processes such as determining your content’s tone of voice.

4. Effective Spacing

Cramming chunks of text and multiple needless images onto a printed flyer will actually detract from its overall purpose of informing your audience about what you have to offer. Instead, try to convey your message in a concise and impactful, making effective use of space between images and text where necessary.

5. A Catchy Title

Your choice of title can be the making or breaking of your promotional flyer. It is the first point of contact for your audience, so it’s vital that you make an impact. Remember: the more captivating your title, the more likely your audience will engage with the rest of the content.

Top 10 saddle stitching FAQs

1. What is saddle stitching?

Saddle stitching is a booklet binding method whereby pages are collated together, folded and stapled along the spine.

2. Why is it called saddle stitching?

The name ‘saddle stitching’ can confuse a lot of people, but in fact, it’s pretty simple. In the printing industry, what we commonly refer to as ‘staples’ are renamed as ‘stitches’. Also, the collated sheets are draped over a saddle-like tool – hence the start of the name.

3. What is the minimum number of pages required for a saddle stitch book?

All saddle stitch books must be created in multiples of 4 pages, counting each page as you would in a normal page numbered book. Thus, a single page folded in half becomes a 4-page “book” and so on.

4. What is the maximum number of pages for a saddle stitch book?

Saddle stitching is suitable for documents up to 48 printed pages. At Stallion Enterprise Marketing LLC, we make a point of squaring off the spine of documents over 24 printed pages to stop the book from springing open.

5. Is saddle stitching expensive?

No. In fact, saddle stitching is the most cost-effective booklet binding method available at Stallion Enterprise Marketing LLC.

6. Can you print along the spine of a saddle stitch book?

As the spine of a saddle stitch book is not flat, it is unable to be printed on.

7. Is saddle stitching only available in one size of book?

On the contrary! At Stallion Enterprise Marketing LLC, we offer saddle stitching on books at a range of sizes, including A4 portrait, 1/3 A4 portrait, A5 portrait or landscape, or 210 x 210mm square.

8. How many staples are used in saddle stitching?

Typically, saddle stitch books are stapled together using two staples situated at equal distances from the top and bottom of the document.

9. What types of books can be saddle-stitched?

Saddle stitching is perfect for annual reports, magazines, brochures, comic books, newsletters, wall calendars and much more!

10. What are the benefits of saddle stitching?

The main benefits include:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Fast turnaround
  • Flexible print runs and sizes
  • Easy to design
  • Versatility

Printed materials are personal.  They are something your customer can hold, touch, and see.  They might receive a thousand emails in a day offering services, standing out in a crowd of that size is no easy task.  Implementing a good print strategy can help your business be noticed.

  • Business Cards– If you spend money on nothing else, you should always invest in business cards. Business cards allow you to share the identity you have created with everyone you meet. You can hand them out to people that visit your business, give them away to contacts you meet on the street, and stick them into every single envelope that leaves your business. They are inexpensive to produce, can start the brand recognition process, and provide the recipient with all the contact information that they need to reach you.
  • Postcards – When you are operating on a tight budget you need to squeeze the most out of every dollar, then postcard marketing campaigns are a great way to brand your business to a target audience. With a creative and colorful postcard that features your company logo, slogan, and colors you have a promotional tool that will help brand your business to the people who matter.
  • Brochures– Brochures are another marketing tool that is relatively simple to produce and not too expensive to have printed. Your brochure should highlight specific products or services that you offer and include eye-catching pictures. Text should be short, easy to read, and to the point, and the entire brochure should be visually attractive. Brochures can be sent in the mail to interested clients, set out on a counter for customers to pick up, or left behind after you have given a sales pitch.
  • Bookmarks– Bookmark printing is a cost-effective way to get your business name to a large audience and improve branding. The ROI is usually very positive when you consider the goodwill customers receive.
  • Door Hangers– Door hanger marketing is quick, easy, affordable and highly targeted. Best of all, it’s one of the most effective ways to get your message in the right hands, at the right time.
  • Presentation Folders – Custom presentation folder printing is a great way to keep your business image professional when you mail promotional materials, hand out information at meetings, or simply give to customers at trade shows.
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